Seo Services offers search engine optimization, editorial services, search engine marketing technology and consulting services. If we categorize and elaborate SEO Services, we can examine in detail in 7 main stages.

  • On-Page SEO (In-Page Optimization)
  • Review and Clean of Backlink Profile
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Research (Keyword Selection)
  • Content Development
  • Link Creation
  • Control and Reporting

On-Page SEO (In-Page Optimization) As Tamseo, when we make an SEO agreement for a website, our first step is always on-site optimization. We prepare a report in order to eliminate deficiencies and errors on the website according to the current SEO rules, which are in line with today’s standards. In-page optimization is our first step in which we are very experienced and very glad to do it. Of course, in some projects, we support the removal of all the missing and errors that we have reported, although it is not easy to correct them, in order of importance.

Review and Clean of Backlink Profile Once the optimization for the page is complete, step 2 is to review the site’s backlink profile. If your site is only a few months old, your backlink profile is 99% clean. However, if you have already worked with an SEO company or have performed a backlink within your organization, your link profile is likely unhealthy. To measure your backlink profile and anchor text density, we use Google Webmaster Tools as well as professional tools such as Ahrefs, Majesticseo, and Open Site Explorer, which are very popular all over the world. We examine incoming links to your site one by one, listing the links by the way they are given, by keywords, linking sites, and the number of backlinks you receive, marking good and bad. We use the Link Rejection Tool in order to clean poor quality backlinks by stating why poor quality backlinks are poor quality and quality ones. (We repeat this process regularly every month.)  

Competitor Analysis One way to be successful in SEO is to analyze competitors correctly. Of course, it is necessary to first determine the opponent correctly. First of all, it should be noted that not every website that ranks high in search results should be taken seriously as competitors. The reason for this is that, unfortunately, very aggressive and illegal ways can be taken to the top of the search engines. The right competitor consists of web sites that users mostly prefer with their long-term successful work, design, infrastructure and content. After determining the opponent, the next step is to understand what the opponent does right or wrong and to determine how to make a difference.

Market Research (Keyword Selection) As Tamseo, we identify and report to you the keywords that will give you the highest level of success and earnings in line with the strength and maturity of your website. In general, if you do not have enough experience in the world of internet and search engine optimization for the first time, one-word keywords will appeal to you. But it should be known that; Keywords that make sales and bring visitors are generally 2 words and 2 words in length. (See Long Tail Keywords) Of course, it also makes sense to work for single-word keywords, but it is a waste of time to run short-term goals and work for highly competitive keywords with millions of search volumes on a weak, yet immature website in terms of newly opened content.

Content Development Content for a website is everything! Although search engine algorithms are constantly changing and improving, the importance that search engines place on content has never been diminished. Rich, original, up-to-date websites are always successful. If you have an editorial team, we will guide you on how to create user-friendly content, and if you don’t have a team, we will provide you with content development services with our own staff.

Link Creation & Conformity Check Backlink Creation is the stage we have taken after completing or planning the steps mentioned here. Our team is very natural about link creation, social media predominant, will raise your brand, will follow a path to increase your recognition. Link creation works are carried out with utmost care and orderly. Many successful websites are exposed to Anti SEO attacks by aggressive SEOs. (Unfortunately, we have been exposed to these attacks continuously since April 2013.) Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop some of the SEO attacks, the important thing is to recognize them in time and to take the necessary steps from the moment they are discovered. That’s why we monitor your website every day, and we respond quickly when unnatural changes occur.

Reporting The impact of SEO work is not reflected on your site instantly, SEO is a long-term business. This is why it is very important that all changes are instantly reported. Full SEO reports instantly all the work it does for a website, it doesn’t do this reporting in a way that bothers you. In this way, the fee you pay for SEO, and which channels are transferred, working order, site’s rising performance, health problems, you’ll see instantly.  

SEO Service Considerations The SEO service provider should have real references, be transparent and provide regular reporting services. It should be done especially by a company that has experience so that things will not get worse while you wait for your business to grow. Because the result of faulty seo applications results in disaster. There are certain questions that you will ask the company you will receive SEO services from: Can you make a reference? How do you charge for this service? What methods do you use? What do you think about illegal methods? Do you have an editorial team? Do you have daily / weekly reporting? How many months can we see the effect? If your answers are logical and positive, there is no problem. When you purchase an SEO Service, you should also ask for keywords relevant to your industry, a seo specialist who knows the words that are brought to work in that industry, that is, directly sought by customers and can direct you to that word. In vain search volumes do not try to rise in swollen words, exhausting you and stealing your time. When you are already doing SEO work on a commercial site your priority is to determine how customers are searching. Detection of customer searches is key to sales, especially for e-commerce sites. Many SEO companies abroad do Long Tail Keywords instead of popular keywords, which completely cover customer searches. In fact, the essence of the work is; The sum of several-word search queries is almost equal to one-word popular inquiries, so it makes more sense to start working with a few words, starting with a single word, because success comes soon and sales begin, then working for popular words, for making money already No problem, you save time.